Pet Tastic Dog Collar Review

This review is about the dog collar by Pet Tastic. To start out I received the product quickly and easily. When I owned the package the product was in great and perfect condition. After giving my Boarder Collier Mix name Eclipse a bath I put the collar on her. I had to adjust it a little but it was already pretty close to my dogs size.  Its nice to be able to adjust incase your dog may be a little smaller or bigger. It was simple to put on and seemed to be comfortable right away. She seemed be very excited with this new collar. Usually my dog can snap of collars but after a couple days using the collar she hasn’t once. The design is also very nice to look at. It has a spot seperate gym the place you connect a leash for instead the licences and name plates. I over all love this product and would recommend it to others.

 Below Are Product Details by the business:

PetTastic Designer Comfort Padded Dog Collar is all about COMFORT and STYLE. Looking for a creative, unique, impressive style for your pets? This is one collections that you don’t want to miss. Treat this important member of family the best because he or she is the V.I.Pet! Neoprene lining for maximum comfort and quick-dry capabilities. Fashionable printed durable high-density polyester webbing strap for beauty and style. Eco-friendly plastic buckles and chrome coated metal leash ring for added safety Specialized ID-Tag-Only loop design for easing the worry of losing your loved ones. Available in 8 unique patterns with beautifully crafted print and fun vibrant color. Suitable for all dogs, male or female.   Size Large, Neck length 18″-26″, entire width with neoprene lining 1 1/5″, printed polyester webbing layer width 1″ Size Medium, Neck length 14.5″-20″, entire width with neoprene lining 1″, printed polyester webbing layer width 3/4″ Size Small, Neck length 12″-16″, entire width with neoprene lining 3/4″, printed polyester webbing layer width 5/8″ PetTastic-Make Your Pet Style Fantastic. PetTastic™ California provides a wide range of unique designer pet fashion products. You can get whatever you want for your loving pets from PetTastic.




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