Profivex Pet Digestive Supplement


This product is to help your pets digestive system.
I have a border collie mix. She is one hyper pup and loves to run around and play. I started giving her this stuff and it seems to help with any issues we had. It smells just like dog food and she loves it. Usually she tries to be for more. I’ve given this to her by putting it on top of her food and in her water. It’s easier by putting it in the water that way she gets every bit of it. I love how easy it is to give it to her. This is a great product.

Profivex is a premium probiotic supplement for dogs and cats that includes FIVE of the most beneficial probiotic strains in dogs and cats to help support a healthy digestive tract. It is also fortified with two prebiotics including sweet potato to add a beneficial amount of fiber and vitamins to your pet’s diet. Profivex is made with the highest quality and quantity of probiotics in a raw and unprocessed form to yield the highest results. With all of these benefits your pet will be giving you a high five for Profivex!

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