Terry Treetop and the Christmas Star Book Review

Here is a little description of the book before I start.

This charming picture book will show your child that reaching out to help others is an important part of the Christmas spirit. It features Terry Treetop, a red-headed, freckled young boy who loves to climb trees. Christmas is in the air, and Terry is busy getting his family’s Christmas tree ready with his Dad when he notices a small, helpless creature in danger. Terry runs out into the deep snow and puts his famous tree-climbing talents into play. Will he be able to save little Sammy and then enjoy Christmas with a furry new friend?

This book is for children who enjoy little short but funny and entertaining stories. I read this story to my 5 year old and 3 year old. As we went through the book they would get exited about the Christmas theme. They starred asking questions about what the people did and why. They got even more excited when they saw the people try to help a woodland creature. I love how there are lessons in the story. Teaching the children to be kind and thoughtful and so on. The kids really loved the book and pictures. They only thing i found wrong was in the beginning the first picture and name of the book (basically if it was printed out it would be the cover of the book.) Can not be fully seen. Other than that the book wss great and would be better printed.


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