What Do You Think?

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first what do you think post! Now you may be thinking what does this have to do with or what it has to do with you. Well first this type of post is to hear your opinions on different things and be free to speak. (As long as it is appropriate)

Any ways so here’s our first What Do You Think?

Well Halloween is fast approaching and the festivities have already begun. There are trunk r treats, Halloween church events, store events, the buying of costumes, candy, and so much more!

So through all these activities what do you think is the Best part of the Halloween season? Or What do you think about Halloween?

My favorite part use to be dressing up in costumes and running around getting candy. Then stopping at my gram and aunts for hot chocolate. Next stop was my memes and boy we tried to trick her and see if she knew it was us. Guess What? She always did. So many amazing memories. Now my favorite part is getting to share everything with my children and see their excitement. Now I’m not going to lie I’m a horror fanatic. I grew up on the scariest movies (Thanks MOM and Dad lol) but I am also religious so I have my limits. I love learning about the legends and ghost stories and decorating and being scary but I also want to teach my children to not go to far and to respect others in this Halloween season. Well that’s my favorite stuff and my opinion on Halloween.

Please comment and share yours! I’d love to hear from you all!

Happy Halloween! Watch it for those Ghouls! 👿👼👸👯👽👀❤


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