Wild Omega 3 Fish Oil

This product review is for the Dog product called The Wild Omega-3 Fish Oil by Zesty Paws. This version of the Oil is suppose to be Triple Strength Sustainable and contains Wild Antarctic Krill Oil and Wild Alaskan Pollock. This oil is a nutritional dietary supplement for your best friend/family dog. Keep your dogs nourished and healthy when using this as a food additive for each meal. For my 1/2 Collie, 1/4 Blue Heeler, 1/4 Mountain Dog Mix loves it when I add this to her food. I love when she eats this stuff because you can see just how much it helps her. Her hair get a nice glossy soft look to it. Not only that but she also has more energy and less itchy skin. I give her this at least every other day if not each day. My dog usually gets very dry and itchy skin but just after a couple day with this it is so much better and she can enjoy her day playing with the family. This is such a great product and I will get more after awhile. I suggest you try this is your dog has Itchy or dry skin or even if you want something healthy for your pup.
Here some info from the creator of the product.

FULL BODY BENEFITS – Sourced from the icy cold waters of Antarctica and Alaska, this clean and highly bioavailable Fish Oil blend encourages hip and joint health by helping to reduce inflammation and discomfort to maintain a healthy range of motion for your canine or cat’s physical activities. As Omega-3 levels increase in the body, the incorporation of EPA and DHA in the body’s cells provides liver and cardiovascular heart support, along with brain and eye function.


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