Memories that fly by

The memories float through ur minds just waiting to be picked through. We may not dwell on the memories but we always know they are there. When we do look into them they just speed right through your mind together at once. Memories leaving your emotions on a crazy ride, We have sad, mad, happy,exciting and many more but do we really know what these memories are? Each memory is a step in our lives that got us where we are today. Oh how I wish to go back to the good old times as a kid with my mother and father but that would mean giving up what I hold dearly today. My little family I created I could never leave behind. Losing my father had given me a greater appreciation for family. The memory of losing my daddy at the young age I was impacted me drastically. I was old enough to understand what happen but I’ll never understand why it had to happen. My fathers memory will always live on through me and his stories. I guess my point is no matter the memmory being made cherish it to the fullest you never know when your going to lose that person or people. You never know when your childhood home has gone. You never know when your finger will be held by the smallest finger.


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