Shoveling up the family dirt

I’m going to go over the next step that I’ve taken. Read my posts “Digging up the past!” And “Breaking Ground Into Your Lineage” to find out how we got to this step.
(Digging up the past! )

(Breaking ground into your lineage. )

So now that we know why we want to find more about our family tree we need to set a short term goal and a long term goal. For a short term goal it could be selecting how many generations you go back before you share with others or it could be maybe you want to get all the relatives you know paved on the tree before going any further. Those are just examples but one you know what short term goal you want you need to give yourself a time period. What I mean by that is to pick a date to compete this goal and since it’s a short term you don’t want to have it a long time period. For me I wanted to get my family I knew and their parents and children in a year’s period. Now my family is big on both my mother’s side and fathers side so I was probably pushing myself a little but I got it done. You could do less people and the highest short term goal time I’d do is 2 years. You don’t want to do much longer or it will be a long term goal and it won’t be as motivational. Remember to start with you, your husband/wife, and children. From there you can pick what side you want to work on. I recommend working on one side of your family. For example of you decide to work on your side of the family you could pick to follow your mother’s side and then her mother’s and do on until you can’t go any farther and then start on your father’s side. It can be a lot of work but every little piece brings you so much closer to connecting your family and reaching your goal. Now for long term you want to do the same but think more long term. Like let’s say you want to go back 8 generations in 3 years. Once you reach each of your short term goals and long term goals make more even if it’s almost the same as the last. Like you finished your 8 generations give yourself another 8 generations in 3 yrs. If your goal was to hard maybe cut it down for example from 8 to 5 or 3yrs to 5yrs.

Well I think that’s all for now thank you for sticking with me and I hope these posts help in one way or another.


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  1. Melissa C says:

    What a lovely articlethank you for posting sounds like something I would be interested in

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    1. It can drive you crazy but it’s such a thrill


  2. Great article! sounds really good

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