Breaking Ground Into Your Lineage

If you read my post Digging Up The Past them you know some part of this. I had asked many questions but the end question was What would be your reason of looking into your family history? Well like this post is named we are breaking ground on where to start in finding you families background. So you may wonder what does the question ( What would be your reason be?) have to do with anything. Well it’s the first step before you dive in to the information. You see you want to put yourself in the right mind set and give yourself motivation. Here’s my reason and motivation. As a young girl I had lost my father in a car accident and since that day nothing has been the same. Family members fell apart and it hurt. As I went through life I would always think of my dad and my family. You know it’s crazy growing up and talking to people to find out years later that you are related. That’s what first motivated me to learn more of my family but then there is also my children. Growing up I had become very family oriented so of course I want my children knowing where they come from. So in the end my reason for getting to know my family lineage is so my children and family will know where they come from and that this will go on for generations. So dedicate yourself and focus on the reason why you want this. If your not sure sit down and wrote a list of why you would do this whatever pops in your mind and then pick at least one thing you feel strongest about.



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  1. Jenny Finney says:

    I would love to know my family history. I know it takes work and some digging around. I knew I had brothers I never met until about 4-5 years ago and this makes me want to dig further

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    1. The feeling can be amazing!


  2. Sam Sly says:

    What a great idea. I know quite a fit about some of my family history, but I would love to know more about others. There are some I know very little about.

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    1. The feeling can be amazing! It’s like a addiction for me.


  3. Betty Bite says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of your father at such a young age. I enjoyed looking into the past and learning everything there is to know. My motivation was that my family never talks about the past. I never knew my cousins or anything about where we had come from. Enjoy your journey.

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    1. Keep an eye out for more posts like this


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