Digging up the past!

What is your history? Not just starting from you but what about your family history. Do you know where you came from? Just imagine how much history runs through your very own veins! If you had the chance to look back and learn more about your own family and their past would you jump right in? The wonders of finding out this information can reveal so much crazy information you never knew you could be hooked on digging deeper. What would your reason be in digging up the past?



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  1. Jenny Finney says:

    I have always wondered how far back my roots went. I’ve never done a family tree, but often thought about it. It seems like a lot of digging and research, but hopefully, one day, I will find time to dig deeper

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    1. It’s amazing and maybe you have family that can help. I have been thinking about doing a little business helper thing to help people start their family tree


  2. Betty Bite says:

    I believe that everyone should do a family tree at some point. I started mine and got stuck. I used Ancestery.com to help me along the way. It was a great journey. I found out that my family owned a plantation in Barbados, and I actually met one of the great-great-great (not sure if I put enough greats in there) grandsons whose grandfather worked on the plantation. We had a great time going through each others photos.I wanted to do my tree because of all the mystery that is in my family. No one ever talks about cousins or the past. I always thought it was odd. Maybe one day I will finish it. We shall see.

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    1. It’s amazing what you can find


  3. How Awesome! Good luck on starting your family tree!

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