Premium Natural Face Moisturizer Cream Review

This face moisturizer was very nice and easy to use. It doesn’t have the uncomfortable cleansing beads that a lot of moisturizer creams have. When applying to your face it spreads nicely, evenly, and smoothly. You only need a little to cover your face. What’s really nice is its not watery or hard but just thick enough to not have an issue with putting it on. After just a couple minutes it made my face feel soft and smooth. Best of all it took away my very dry skin.






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  1. Jenny Fimmey says:

    My skin tends to stay dry during the winter months. I’m always looking for that perfect moisturizer

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    1. This has helped me with my dry skin


  2. I have super dry skin- especially in the winter – this is definitely a moisturizer I will look into to prepare for this winter. Anything that can help balance out my skin is a winner in my book!


  3. ShawnTe says:

    I am glad there are not beads in it. I really do not like beads in my products they are hard to rinse off, there is always a remnant left over. They are annoying.Sounds like it is a moisturizing cream. My skin is combination but closer to the oily side, so I’ve been needing light moisturizers lately.

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    1. When you feel those beads in products they usually are tearing your pores

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