Extra cash online site review

So I decided to do a review about inboxdollars site and wanted to let v everyone know that it is a real thing. When you sign up you should receive $5 just for that. They will give you a list that has an amount you will get paid for each task. Once you finish your list you usually get a certain amount from that. It’s not much but it adds up quickly especially if you do surveys and videos a lot. Now some things will ask you questions to see our you qualify for their survey. Some even give you sweepstakes tickets which you use to enter into contests to win money. I have used this for a couple years and have gotten a couple checks. It’s best when you have a computer and internet access because you can do more and get more done faster. Once you hit $30 you can request your payment but there is a small processing fee although if you can get to $40 I think it’s on 10 days they will cover your processing fee. If your liking for a real extra cash website you can go to the link I provided and check it out! Remember this isn’t a get rich fast type of thing.


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