SUMPRI Premium Sphere and Cube Ice Molds [2 Pack] Review

To start off I just want to say I am impressed with these ice cube molds. The material is bendable to where ones that are hard plastic break while these ones bend easily to get the ice cubes free. There was only real problem I had and I also have a suggestion to possibly make these products even better than what they are now. Firstly the problem that I came across was for the round ice cube mold. That mold is to make round ice cubes but the issue I had was trying to fill it up. The first time there was not enough and the next time there was way to much. So the problem with that is its very hard to get it at the right amount. Now the suggestion I have to possibly improve these products are to make ice molds in smaller sizes so you can fit the ice in smaller cups. This will make it where people can use their regular cups without having an issue with the ice fitting through the top. When taking the ice out you can easily peel the sides and push on the bottom to get a nice full ice cube but you may have to run under warm water for a couple seconds just to be safe. You can wash by hand or by dishwasher easily. Other than what I have listed I think this product is amazing and worth using all the time.



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