The Wine Aerator Review

The Wine Aerator by Vino Aria was sent with care and in a nice black box. When using the aerator it was easy, simple, and helpful. From just inserting the black end into the top of the wine bottle and simply placing the tip onto the wine glass, pouring the wine smoothly without spilling. Once your done enjoying your drinks you can simply wash it with your hands or throw it in the dishwasher. I personally love it and would use it every time I drink wine. Whats nice is it doesn’t have to be wine! You can use for any type of bottle that is like a wine bottle no matter whats in it. Great to take to your friends!

Possible Improvements:

  1. A cover for when your finishing your glass but don’t want to close the bottle and have to open it up again.
  2. A special brush that comes with it to clean inside.


Below are pictures


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